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Ole-stars (OLE) Presents 2019 Japan "Dream Star" Audition, Airdrop

10 million OLE

2019 Japan "Dream Star" audition is presented to you by Ole-stars (OLE).

From March 01st, 2019, Ole-stars (OLE) will airdrop 10 million OLE to DigiFinex users. Details are as below:

Event period: March 01, 2019 to March 31, 2019

1. Support the "Dream Stars" and Win OLE rewards

From March 1,2019 to March 16, 2019,follow us on Twitter (@digifinex) copy and paste the promo code to redeem the rewards.

Partial promo code: Ole-stars Presents Dream Star Audition**** (The full promo code will be released on our Twitter)

2. Lock up OLE, Win OLE

From March 17,2019 to March 31, we will also reserve 200,000 OLE in “Candy Box” as a bonus reward. By locking up OLE, you will receive a bonus = OLE (amount) x lock up days x 0.3%.

Thelock up period is from 5 to 10 days, minimum 500 OLE, with a maximum of 3000 OLE bonus payout.

For example:

You lock up 10,000 OLE for 10 days, then you will receive 300 OLE bonus.

2. Each time you invite a new friend to register on DigiFinex with KYC verification, both of you and your friend will receive a reward of 0.02 ETH +¥300 coupon.

For more details, please visit:

Coupon redemption guide: Login to DigiFinex APP -> My Coupon -> Enter the promo code to redeem.



Ole_stars airdrop PROMO code is: Olestars presents DreamStarAudition 2019 JAPAN



OLE Token-Shinning.png

Issuing a shining coin 100 times the number of fans belonging to the room. As the number of people increases, the coins are divided and the coins are increased for fans you have from the beginning.

Returning the coin to the token will increase the token!

100 Fans      Shinning coins   10000

            ↓ Split

1000 Fans    Shinning coins   15000

        New coin   85000

      Total     100000

            ↓ Split

2000 Fans Shinning coins  150000

       New coin   50000

       Total      200000

Fans purchase a shining coin for the following purposes


1.Exclusive Fan events, purchase goods, purchase rights (based on the amount of coins held)

2.Purpose to support your favourite artists      

When an artist becomes famous, the value of Shinning coin increases.

If a Fan sells coins back to a token, they will get the added value like an investment.

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